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Kendler KS; Ohlsson H; Karriker-Jaffe KJ; Sundquist J; Sundquist K, 2017. Social and economic consequences of alcohol use disorder: a longitudinal cohort and co-relative analysis.  Psychol Med 47(5):925-935

Long EC; Lönn SL; Ji J; Lichtenstein P; Sundquist J; Sundquist K; Kendler KS, 2017. Resilience and Risk for Alcohol Use Disorders: A Swedish Twin Study.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res 41(1):149-155

Moore AA; Carney D; Moroney E; Machlin L; Towbin KE; Brotman MA; Pine DS; Leibenluft E; Roberson-Nay R; Hettema JM, 2017. The Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits (ICU) in Children: Reliability and Heritability.  Behav Genet 47(2):141-151

Mulligan MK; Mozhui K; Pandey AK; Smith ML; Gong S; Ingels J; Miles MF; Lopez MF; Lu L; Williams RW, 2017. Genetic divergence in the transcriptional engram of chronic alcohol abuse: A laser-capture RNA-seq study of the mouse mesocorticolimbic system.  Alcohol 58:61-72

Porcu P; O'Buckley TK; Lopez MF; Becker HC; Miles MF; Williams RW; Morrow AL, 2017. Initial genetic dissection of serum neuroactive steroids following chronic intermittent ethanol across BXD mouse strains.  Alcohol 58:107-125

Edwards AC; Heron J; Vladimirov V; Wolen AR; Adkins DE; Aliev F; Hickman M; Kendler KS, 2017. The Rate of Change in Alcohol Misuse Across Adolescence is Heritable.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res 41(1):57-64

Chen Y; Bennett D; Clarke R; Guo Y; Yu C; Bian Z; Ma L; Huang Y; Sun Q; Zhang N; Zheng X; Chen J; Peto R; Kendler KS; Li L; Chen Z, 2017. Patterns and correlates of major depression in Chinese adults: a cross-sectional study of 0.5 million men and women.  Psychol Med 47(5):958-970

Sheerin CM; Lind MJ; Bountress K; Nugent NR; Amstadter AB, 2017. The Genetics and Epigenetics of PTSD: Overview, Recent Advances, and Future Directions.  Curr Opin Psychol 14:5-11

Li JJ; Cho SB; Salvatore JE; Edenberg HJ; Agrawal A; Chorlian DB; Porjesz B; Hesselbrock V; Dick DM, 2017. The Impact of Peer Substance Use and Polygenic Risk on Trajectories of Heavy Episodic Drinking Across Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res 41(1):65-75

Lee SJ; Steiner RJ; Yu Y; Short SJ; Neale MC; Styner MA; Zhu H; Gilmore JH, 2017. Common and heritable components of white matter microstructure predict cognitive function at 1 and 2 y.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114(1):148-153

Salvatore JE; Larsson Lönn S; Sundquist J; Lichtenstein P; Sundquist K; Kendler KS, 2017. Alcohol use disorder and divorce: evidence for a genetic correlation in a population-based Swedish sample.  Addiction 112(4):586-593

Overstreet C; Berenz EC; Kendler KS; Dick DM; Amstadter AB, 2017. Predictors and mental health outcomes of potentially traumatic event exposure.  Psychiatry Res 247:296-304

Bogenpohl JW; Mignogna KM; Smith ML; Miles MF, 2017. Integrative Analysis of Genetic, Genomic, and Phenotypic Data for Ethanol Behaviors: A Network-Based Pipeline for Identifying Mechanisms and Potential Drug Targets.  Methods Mol Biol 1488:531-549

Elman JA; Panizzon MS; Hagler DJ Jr; Fennema-Notestine C; Eyler LT; Gillespie NA; Neale MC; Lyons MJ; Franz CE; McEvoy LK; Dale AM; Kremen WS, 2017. Genetic and environmental influences on cortical mean diffusivity.  Neuroimage 146:90-99

First MB; Kendler KS; Leibenluft E, 2017. The Future of the DSM: Implementing a Continuous Improvement Model.  JAMA Psychiatry 74(2):115-116

Rinker JA; Fulmer DB; Trantham-Davidson H; Smith ML; Williams RW; Lopez MF; Randall PK; Chandler LJ; Miles MF; Becker HC; Mulholland PJ, 2017. Differential potassium channel gene regulation in BXD mice reveals novel targets for pharmacogenetic therapies to reduce heavy alcohol drinking.  Alcohol 58:33-45

Kendler KS; Engstrom EJ, 2017. Kahlbaum, Hecker, and Kraepelin and the Transition From Psychiatric Symptom Complexes to Empirical Disease Forms.  Am J Psychiatry 174(2):102-109

Savage JE; Sawyers C; Roberson-Nay R; Hettema JM, 2017. The genetics of anxiety-related negative valence system traits.  Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 174(2):156-177

Danielson CK; Cohen JR; Adams ZW; Youngstrom EA; Soltis K; Amstadter AB; Ruggiero KJ, 2017. Clinical Decision-Making Following Disasters: Efficient Identification of PTSD Risk in Adolescents.  J Abnorm Child Psychol 45(1):117-129

Li X; Liu R; Luo L; Yu L; Chen X; Sun L; Wang T; Hylemon PB; Zhou H; Jiang Z; Zhang L, 2017. Role of AMP-activated protein kinase α1 in 17α-ethinylestradiol-induced cholestasis in rats.  Arch Toxicol 91(1):481-494

Bountress K; Adams ZW; Gilmore AK; Amstadter AB; Thomas S; Danielson CK, 2017. Associations among impulsivity, trauma history, and alcohol misuse within a young adult sample.  Addict Behav 64:179-184

Conley AH; Overstreet CM; Hawn SE; Kendler KS; Dick DM; Amstadter AB, 2017. Prevalence and predictors of sexual assault among a college sample.  J Am Coll Health 65(1):41-49

van der Vaart AD; Wolstenholme JT; Smith ML; Harris GM; Lopez MF; Wolen AR; Becker HC; Williams RW; Miles MF, 2017. The allostatic impact of chronic ethanol on gene expression: A genetic analysis of chronic intermittent ethanol treatment in the BXD cohort.  Alcohol 58:93-106

Homman LE; Edwards AC; Cho SB; Dick DM; Kendler KS, 2017. Gender and Direction of Effect of Alcohol Problems and Internalizing Symptoms in a Longitudinal Sample of College Students.  Subst Use Misuse 52(4):429-438

Lopez MF; Miles MF; Williams RW; Becker HC, 2017. Variable effects of chronic intermittent ethanol exposure on ethanol drinking in a genetically diverse mouse cohort.  Alcohol 58:73-82

Bono RS; Barnes AJ; Dick DM; Kendler KS, 2017. Drinking, Cigarette Smoking, and Employment Among American College Freshmen at a Four-Year University.  Subst Use Misuse 52(2):182-193

Chartier KG; Thomas NS; Kendler KS, 2017. Interrelationship between family history of alcoholism and generational status in the prediction of alcohol dependence in US Hispanics.  Psychol Med 47(1):137-147

Lind MJ; Brown E; Farrell-Carnahan L; Brown RC; Hawn S; Berenz E; McDonald S; Pickett T; Danielson CK; Thomas S; Amstadter AB, 2017. Sleep Disturbances in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans: Associations with PTSD, Personality, and Coping.  J Clin Sleep Med 13(2):291-299

Peterson RE; Cai N; Bigdeli TB; Li Y; Reimers M; Nikulova A; Webb BT; Bacanu SA; Riley BP; Flint J; Kendler KS, 2017. The Genetic Architecture of Major Depressive Disorder in Han Chinese Women.  JAMA Psychiatry 74(2):162-168

Cai N; Bigdeli TB; Kretzschmar WW; Li Y; Liang J; Hu J; Peterson RE; Bacanu S; Webb BT; Riley B; Li Q; Marchini J; Mott R; Kendler KS; Flint J, 2017. 11,670 whole-genome sequences representative of the Han Chinese population from the CONVERGE project.  Sci Data 4:170011

Clark SL; Adkins DE; Kumar G; Aberg KA; Nerella S; Xie L; Collins AL; Crowley JJ; Quackenbush CR; Hilliard CE; Shabalin AA; Vrieze SI; Peterson RE; Copeland WE; Silberg JL; McGue M; Maes H; Iacono WG; Sullivan PF; Costello EJ; van den Oord EJ, 2017. Deep sequencing of 71 candidate genes to characterize variation associated with alcohol dependence.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res.

Moore AA; Silberg JL; Roberson-Nay R; Mezuk B, 2017. Life course persistent and adolescence limited conduct disorder in a nationally representative US sample: prevalence, predictors, and outcomes.  Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol.

Roberson-Nay R; Gorlin EI; Beadel JR; Cash T; Vrana S; Teachman BA, 2017. Temporal stability of multiple response systems to 7.5% carbon dioxide challenge.  Biol Psychol 124:111-118

Docherty AR; Edwards AC; Yang F; Peterson RE; Sawyers C; Adkins DE; Moore AA; Webb BT; Bacanu SA; Flint J; Kendler KS, 2017. Age of onset and family history as indicators of polygenic risk for major depression.  Depress Anxiety.

Kendler KS; Gardner CO, 2017. Genetic and environmental influences on last-year major depression in adulthood: a highly heritable stable liability but strong environmental effects on 1-year prevalence.  Psychol Med.

Agrawal A; Tillman R; Grucza RA; Nelson EC; McCutcheon VV; Few L; Conner KR; Lynskey MT; Dick DM; Edenberg HJ; Hesselbrock VM; Kramer JR; Kuperman S; Nurnberger JI Jr; Schuckit MA; Porjesz B; Bucholz KK, 2017. Reciprocal relationships between substance use and disorders and suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in the Collaborative Study of the Genetics of Alcoholism.  J Affect Disord 213:96-104

Dick DM; Barr P; Guy M; Nasim A; Scott D, 2017. (Invited review) genetic research on alcohol use outcomes in African American populations: A review of the literature, associated challenges, and implications.  Am J Addict.

Jackson A; Bagdas D; Muldoon PP; Lichtman AH; Carroll FI; Greenwald M; Miles MF; Damaj MI, 2017. In vivo interactions between α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and nuclear peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α: Implication for nicotine dependence.  Neuropharmacology.

Gillespie NA; Neale MC; Hagler DJ Jr; Eyler LT; Fennema-Notestine C; Franz CE; Lyons MJ; McEvoy LK; Dale AM; Panizzon MS; Kremen WS, 2017. Genetic and environmental influences on mean diffusivity and volume in subcortical brain regions.  Hum Brain Mapp.

Gjerde LC; Eilertsen EM; Reichborn-Kjennerud T; McAdams TA; Zachrisson HD; Zambrana IM; Røysamb E; Kendler KS; Ystrom E, 2017. Maternal perinatal and concurrent depressive symptoms and child behavior problems: a sibling comparison study.  J Child Psychol Psychiatry.

Adkins AE; Hack LM; Bigdeli TB; Williamson VS; McMichael GO; Mamdani M; Edwards A; Aliev F; Chan RF; Bhandari P; Raabe RC; Alaimo JT; Blackwell GG; Moscati AA; Poland RS; Rood B; Patterson DG; Walsh D; Whitfield JB; Zhu G; Montgomery GW; Henders AK; Martin NG; Heath AC; Madden PA; Frank J; Ridinger M; Wodarz N; Soyka M; Zill P; Ising M; Nöthen MM; Kiefer F; Rietschel M; Gelernter J; Sherva R; Koesterer R; Almasy L; Zhao H; Kranzler HR; Farrer LA; Maher BS; Prescott CA; Dick DM; Bacanu SA; Mathies LD; Davies AG; Vladimirov VI; Grotewiel M; Bowers MS; Bettinger JC; Webb BT; Miles MF; Kendler KS; Riley BP, 2017. Genomewide Association Study of Alcohol Dependence Identifies Risk Loci Altering Ethanol-response Behaviors in Model Organisms.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res.

Tseng WL; Moroney E; Machlin L; Roberson-Nay R; Hettema JM; Carney D; Stoddard J; Towbin KA; Pine DS; Leibenluft E; Brotman MA, 2017. Test-retest reliability and validity of a frustration paradigm and irritability measures.  J Affect Disord 212:38-45

Kendler KS; Aggen SH, 2017. Symptoms of major depression: Their stability, familiality, and prediction by genetic, temperamental, and childhood environmental risk factors.  Depress Anxiety 34(2):171-177

Bountress KE; Wei W; Sheerin C; Chung D; Amstadter AB; Mandel H; Wang Z, 2017. Relationships between GAT1 and PTSD, Depression, and Substance Use Disorder.  Brain Sci 7.

Meyers JL; Zhang J; Wang JC; Su J; Kuo SI; Kapoor M; Wetherill L; Bertelsen S; Lai D; Salvatore JE; Kamarajan C; Chorlian D; Agrawal A; Almasy L; Bauer L; Bucholz KK; Chan G; Hesselbrock V; Koganti L; Kramer J; Kuperman S; Manz N; Pandey A; Seay M; Scott D; Taylor RE; Dick DM; Edenberg HJ; Goate A; Foroud T; Porjesz B, 2017. An endophenotype approach to the genetics of alcohol dependence: a genome wide association study of fast beta EEG in families of African ancestry.  Mol Psychiatry.

McGrath JJ; McLaughlin KA; Saha S; Aguilar-Gaxiola S; Al-Hamzawi A; Alonso J; Bruffaerts R; de Girolamo G; de Jonge P; Esan O; Florescu S; Gureje O; Haro JM; Hu C; Karam EG; Kovess-Masfety V; Lee S; Lepine JP; Lim CC; Medina-Mora ME; Mneimneh Z; Pennell BE; Piazza M; Posada-Villa J; Sampson N; Viana MC; Xavier M; Bromet EJ; Kendler KS; Kessler RC, 2017. The association between childhood adversities and subsequent first onset of psychotic experiences: a cross-national analysis of 23 998 respondents from 17 countries.  Psychol Med.

Spindle TR; Hiler MM; Cooke ME; Eissenberg T; Kendler KS; Dick DM, 2017. Electronic cigarette use and uptake of cigarette smoking: A longitudinal examination of U.S. college students.  Addict Behav 67:66-72

Vuoksimaa E; Panizzon MS; Hagler DJ Jr; Hatton SN; Fennema-Notestine C; Rinker D; Eyler LT; Franz CE; Lyons MJ; Neale MC; Tsuang MT; Dale AM; Kremen WS, 2017. Heritability of white matter microstructure in late middle age: A twin study of tract-based fractional anisotropy and absolute diffusivity indices.  Hum Brain Mapp 38(4):2026-2036

Bucholz KK; McCutcheon VV; Agrawal A; Dick DM; Hesselbrock VM; Kramer JR; Kuperman S; Nurnberger JI Jr; Salvatore JE; Schuckit MA; Bierut LJ; Foroud TM; Chan G; Hesselbrock M; Meyers JL; Edenberg HJ; Porjesz B, 2017. Comparison of Parent, Peer, Psychiatric, and Cannabis Use Influences Across Stages of Offspring Alcohol Involvement: Evidence from the COGA Prospective Study.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res 41(2):359-368

Bountress K; Sheerin C; Amstadter AB; Mandel H; Voltin J; Wang Z, 2017. The relation between GAD1 and PTSD symptoms: Shared risk for depressive symptoms.  Psychiatry Res.

Rosenström T; Ystrom E; Torvik FA; Czajkowski NO; Gillespie NA; Aggen SH; Krueger RF; Kendler KS; Reichborn-Kjennerud T, 2017. Genetic and Environmental Structure of DSM-IV Criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Twin Study.  Behav Genet.

Chartier KG; Karriker-Jaffe KJ; Cummings CR; Kendler KS, 2017. Environmental influences on alcohol use: Informing research on the joint effects of genes and the environment in diverse U.S. populations.  Am J Addict.

Kendler KS; Lönn SL; Salvatore J; Sundquist J; Sundquist K, 2017. Divorce and the Onset of Alcohol Use Disorder: A Swedish Population-Based Longitudinal Cohort and Co-Relative Study.  Am J Psychiatry.

Kendler KS; Lönn SL; Sundquist J; Sundquist K, 2017. The role of marriage in criminal recidivism: a longitudinal and co-relative analysis.  Epidemiol Psychiatr Sci.

Lind MJ; Hawn SE; Sheerin CM; Aggen SH; Kirkpatrick RM; Kendler KS; Amstadter AB, 2017. An examination of the etiologic overlap between the genetic and environmental influences on insomnia and common psychopathology.  Depress Anxiety.

Verweij KJ; Abdellaoui A; Nivard MG; Cort AS; Ligthart L; Draisma HH; Minică CC; Gillespie NA; Willemsen G; Hottenga JJ; Boomsma DI; Vink JM, 2017. Erratum to "Short communication: Genetic association between schizophrenia and cannabis use" [Drug Alcohol Depend. 171 (2017) 117-121].  Drug Alcohol Depend.

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