The links are not necessarily in any useful order, and many of them are out of date. Sorry! This file is (was, more like) just somewhere to put a few bookmarks. Share and enjoy!

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Infoseek Guide

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Technical mix

MathWorks Home Page (Matlab)
Math Tools Portal for Scientific Engineering Needs (20,000 links!)
CTC Parallel Programming Tools
Computers:World Wide Web:Programming:Icons
IBM: Digital Alchemy
1990 Virginia PUMS Statistical Report Form: Crosstabulations -- Household Records
REDUCE Home Page

Behavioral and Genetical Mix

Mx Homepage!
Institute for Behavioral Genetics
Galactic Psychology links
Cooperative Human Linkage Center
Links to Other Services
Genetic Movies

Software Mix

Digital FTP and WWW Archives
The Internet Adapter (tm)
Directory of /pub/gnu

Educational Mix

Thanks to Valerie Larsen for these lovely links!

Electronic Field Trips: science, math, environment

Kid's Web - Computers
Jason Project
Geometry Center
Valerie's Whale Project


> Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Cool word of the day
Ask ERIC Home Page
The World Factbook 1994

Science/general interest/museums

WWW Expo
The White House
National Flags

General K-12 resources

Uncle Bob's Kid's Page
First Grade Links
Hillside Web

For Fun

Thalia's Funpage
What it's like in Alaska
Magic: The Gathering Card Database (Updated: 12/17/94) Magic cards info.

General Webcraft

Best of the web contest

Html helpers

Word Processor Filters
Transparent Background Images
All About LaTeX2HTML - which I haven't yet got to work properly
Netscape Handbook: Menu Items
Page Publishing


WebLouvre: Artist index
AT&T: Art Tour
Infinite Grid Selector


Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact Home Page
Lots of astronomy stuff from Galaxy (where else?)

Entertainment: Oh Joy!

Comedy From - check out Monty Python, Young Ones, Ren & Stimpy and Black Adder pages!
Wired Magazine requires registration - no problem if you have forms
The Point of No Return... Which used to have some naughty links
Wiredjustin and so did this, but you know how the netpolice are these days...
Chess server
The Official HotWired HotList


Go Kart Music pages
major music links
Sound Clips

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