Deep inside Michael Neale


Most people in the world don't know where he is. This is a very good thing because most people don't want to know, and the useless information would just be another waste of their wetware disk space. Sometimes, even Dr. Neale doesn't know where he is because he is lost, either physically or in thought or (most commonly) both.

If you do need to get hold of him then you can usually succeed with email to although this will only be a `virtual' hold. To get a physical hold is more difficult because he's rather slippery (must be the soap).


My hobbies are many, and my interest in them tends to wax and wane in what could well be an interesting cyclical fashion. But scientific study of the cycling of my interests would be difficult to achieve for several reasons. First, a psychological Heisenberg principle - the act of observing myself in this way would probably have an effect on my behavior. Second, the somewhat narcissistic activity would itself be classified as a hobby, and would probably wax and wane, leading to rather incomplete data. The reason you are reading this is probably to find links to more interesting sites. I don't blame you, I didn't mean for this to be SO BORING. Mea culpa. Try looking in my favorite web pages for other stuff. You can get some idea of things that I like from there, such as photography, science fiction, computers, other technological wonders, music, comedy, sex, skiing and space travel. I get to do more skiing than space travel as far as I know. You would think that I'd know how much space travel I do, being a sort of active, memorable experience type of thing. However, according to some crap on the TV about 5% of Americans report alien abduction experiences, (which makes it either strange reality or a very common psychiatric disorder, both of which are quite interesting). To cover their tracks, these aliens use a partially successful mindwipe. Now, either I am not being abducted, or the memory erasure is fully successful in my case, or I don't have this particular form of psychiatric disorder, because I have no such recollections whatsoever. Nonetheless, there is the nagging doubt that maybe I'm doing more space travel than I think I am.

My scientific interests are many many, but I work mostly on humans. Being interested in methods allows me a rather broader range of physical and psychological areas of study than usual. My out-of-date CV lists a bunch of stuff.

Photography section

This is under construction, so if you follow this link you won't see any pictures that I took. I like photography and I'm sorry that I haven't had the opportunity to share this with you, yet. In another five years maybe?

Here is a typical picture of me working hard at a conference in Barcelona (it's the same one that you may have seen on my homepage. Quite a few people that meet me say "Oh, I expected someone older..." presumably because I sound like a boring old fart on the phone or something). Anyway, as I age and these photos don't, I expect people will say "Oh, I expected someone younger..." which will make feel old & grey (clever eh!).

The next link reveals a little appreciated fact about me and my gender in general. Don't click because these links have been CENSORED!!! I HATE censorship so it is only under extreme duress that I have been forced to eliminate these pictures. I'll try to put up a nice scan of a PhD certificate or something jolly ordinary like that instead. Finally, if you are into high tech, you could look at this picture which was taken with a digital camera in 1992 when such things had only just been invented (well sort of). It's a bit on the large side (the picture I mean!) (around 264K) so it's not for those with modems or other primitive connections to the net. It's just a boring shot of me on the way to work. Enough of this polluting the net with my own image, I'm going to scan some nice pictures one of these days...

Michael C. Neale
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