Trimhap is a Fortran software package that implements the linkage disequilibrium mapping techniques discussed in
[MacLean et al 2000] and [Martin et al. 1999].

The statistics generated by trimhap require haplotype data from multiplex pedigrees.

To Obtain Trimhap

The latest version of the code is located at the web site you are currently at

To Download The Latest Version of Trimhap

Trimhap is distributed in two formats:

trimhap-1.2.tar.gz: gzipped UNIX tar file (1.4Mb)

trimhap-1.2.tar: UNIX tar file (4.8Mb)

For faster download, use ftp. The address is

Previous Version of Trimhap

trimhap-1.1.tar.gz: gzipped UNIX tar file (1.2Mb)
trimhap-1.1.tar: gzipped UNIX tar file (5.4Mb)

To Install Trimhap

If you have downloaded trimhap-1.2.tar.gz, uncompress the data using
gunzip trimhap-1.2.tar.gz

To extract the contents of the tar file trimhap-1.2.tar, do
tar xvf trimhap-1.2.tar
which will create a subdirectory trimhap/ containing the following files and directories:

README - general instructions concerning trimhap

Copyright - copyright notice

INSTALL - installation instructions

/bin - pre-compiled executables for trimhap for DEC Alpha workstation and Sun Sparc-station

/code - Fortran source code for trimhap

/example - example problems

/docs - the trimhap user manual in PDF, PostScript, Wordperfect and MS Word format

!!! NOTE !!! : to compile source code, you need NAG library (libnag.a) installed on your system for linkage.
so check with your system administrator to see if you have it.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the author by email:
Charles J. Maclean
Any questions regarding software downloading and installation, email to:
Helen Wang


MacLean CJ, Martin RB, Sham PC, Wang H, Straub RE, and Kendler KS. (2000).
The trimmed-haplotype test for linkage disequilibrium
American Journal of Human Genetics (March 2000 issue, Volume 66, Number 3, 1062).
PostScript version of trimhap
PDF version of trimhap

RB Martin, CJ MacLean, PC Sham, RE Straub, and KS Kendler (1999).
Tests for linkage disequilibrium: haplotypes, multiplex pedigrees, and complex traits,
(Submitted for publication).
PostScript version of manuscript (0.5Mb)

CJ MacLean and RB Martin (1999).
TRIMHAP: Software for the trimmed-haplotype test of linkage disequilibrium
(User Manual, part of the TRIMHAP package)
Research Report, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, Virginia Commonwealth University
PostScript version of trimhap manual
PDF version of trimhap manual
uuencoded WordPerfect 8.0**
uuencoded MS Word for windows**

**to open the uuencoded file in PC, right click the mouse on link, select "save l ink as" to save the file to your local pc and use winzip to unzip it into origin al format.

Charles J. MacLean
Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics
Virginia Commonwealth University
P.O. Box 980126
Richmond, VA 23298

last updated on May 10, 2000