At the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, consistent with the School of Medicine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement, we strive to conduct innovative, ethical research of the highest quality across diverse populations, while fostering an inclusive, collaborative, and unprejudiced1,2 environment in which to educate the next generation of scientists. Accordingly, we, the members of VIPBG, endeavor to create and nurture an environment where all voices are heard. Inclusivity, diversity, equity, and access across personal, scientific, and organizational domains are valued and promoted. These efforts are ongoing and active, requiring continual self-reflection, dialogue, evaluation, and improvement.

Diversity encompasses all aspects of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, geographic region, nationality, language, political beliefs, ideas, and values. Collaborative groups who embrace inclusivity benefit from varied perspectives. Indeed, having diversity within a team increases the likelihood of generating prolific, innovative, and impactful scientific output3,4,5.

We recognize and condemn the practice of eugenics and the historical misuse of psychiatric and behavioral genetics research to justify racist and ableist policies and atrocities. Our educational mission includes reflecting on this past and implementing equitable and just paths forward. As researchers we strive to achieve parity by including diverse samples, and by developing and applying methods to best understand and improve population health for all.

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