Statistics for Genetic Studies I

Course ID Course Name Instructor Semester Time | Day
CCTR 702 Statistics for Genetic Studies I Michael Neale Fall 2:00-5:00 | M

Teaches students statistical methods for multidisciplinary research, specifically presenting the mathematical components that underlie statistical analysis and including probability theory, statistical distributions, inference and linear models. Restricted to students in the psychiatric, behavioral and statistical genetics track of the clinical and translational sciences doctoral program or by permission of instructor.

Terms: Fall | Credits: 3 | Grading: A-F

Schedule for CCTR 702

August thru December || Mon 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Course Instructor

Michael Neale, Ph.D.

Michael Neale, Ph.D.

Michael Neale
My research focuses on the design and development of statistical modeling software to analyze data on neuro-imaging, substance use and psychiatric outcomes.