Dr. Michael Neale, Ph.D.’s lab develops and applies novel statistical methods for the analysis of complex phenotypes, particularly substance use and abuse, psychiatric disorders, neuroimaging measures and associated genetic and environmental risk factors. Faculty and students develop OpenMx, an open source package for R, which is used widely in the field, in studies of twins and families and of the association of molecular genetic variants with outcomes and endophenotypes. This work encompasses phenotypic refinement, via factor, latent class, factor mixture and growth curve modeling, tests for measurement invariance, estimation of factor scores, and analyses of ‘big data,’ e.g., developmental genetic studies of neuroimaging measures, genomics and time series.

Lab Personnel

Joshua Pritikin
Pritikin, Joshua
Post Doctoral Scholar
Michael Neale
Neale, Michael
Distinguished Professor
Robert Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick, Robert
Assistant Professor