Dr. Brien Riley, Ph.D.’s lab focuses on the collection of DNA data from sequencing and genotyping. The 4000 square feet of lab space has 16 desk/lab bench stations and 45 linear feet of bench space housing major equipment. In addition, Dr. Riley’s lab has a dedicated computer room, a dedicated bacterial and tissue culture room with sterile hood and incubators, and a joint-use reagent preparation room also housing our upright freezers (–20 °C and –80 °C).


IonTorrent Personal Genome Machine benchtop next-generation sequencer, IonTorrent OneTouch automated prep station, IonTorrent OneTouch ES bead capture instrument, Diagenode Bioruptor sonication system with Fisher Scientific Isotemp 3016 and Diagenode Bioruptor water coolers, Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 and Sage Scientific Pippin Prep instruments for library fragment analysis and size selection, Eppendorf 5075 LH liquid handling robot, LJL plate reader (for Taqman and FP-TDI SNP genotyping and fluorimetry), 8×384 and 2×96 well Eppendorf PCR blocks and 2 Eppendorf control units, 2 Tetrad PCR machines.

IT Infrastructure

One locally administered 64 bit Dell PowerEdge server running Linux centOS 6.5 with dual quad core 3.0GHz Xeon processors configured as 12 cores with 64 GB RAM, 8TB RAID SAS storage, as the lab server and storage for GWAS and other genotypic and phenotypic data. This server has mySQL installed for analyses using PROGENY and we have a variety of additional software installed for data analysis. The server is backed up on a campus server through a TSM client. All lab users have access privileges personal PCs via the lab’s internal network.

Lab Personnel

Brandon Wormley
Wormley, Brandon
Lab Manager & Research Assistant
Cuie Sun
Sun, Cuie
Lab & Research Specialist
Brien Riley
Riley, Brien
Associate Professor