Course Materials: Genetic Epidemiology [Spring 2007]

Topics for 2007 Spring Session

Website: OpenMx
Text: Methodology for Genetic Studies of Twins and Families by Neale & Cardon, 1992 revision PDF of Neale & Maes book.
Classic Mx Manual: Mx: Statistical Modeling by Neale, Boker, Xie & Maes, 2006 PDF of Mx manual.

Date Lecture Topic Lecturer Notes and Examples
ACE Model Twin Methodology Hermine Maes rectangular datafile
ACE MZ dat file
ACE DZ dat file
saturated model script
saturated model + submodel
ACE Model Twin Methodology II Hermine Maes ACE model example script
ACE model + submodels
Exam Hermine Maes rectangular datafile
Exam MZ dat file
Exam DZ dat file