High Performance Computing Cluster

VIPBG hosts a Linux HPC cluster, installed with applications supporting computationally intensive processing. It comprises of the following configuration:

  • 40 Dell PE R620/R720 servers with CentOS 7.x
  • One cutting edge GPU server with 4 nVidia Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards up to over 20K GPU cores and over 2000 tensor cores
  • 800 CPU cores using Intel Xeon processors (3.x GHz)
  • Over 10TB RAM (64GB-256GB per node)
  • 480TB enterprise network storage running parallel file system running lustre FS
  • 800GB SSD hard drive per node
  • 40GB+ InfiniBand network switch to all nodes and storage
  • 500TB backup device doing daily backup for critical data
  • Fail-over redundant master server and storage server

Leveraging a total of 800 cores and the power of 20K GPU cores, the HPC is configured to ensure multiple job types run efficiently. The cluster supports department faculty, research staff, and students working on intensive computation in both serial and parallel processing. All users are able to access cluster through VCU VPN for a secured connection.

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