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van Loo HM; Van Borkulo CD; Peterson RE; Fried EI; Aggen SH; Borsboom D; Kendler KS, 2018. Robust symptom networks in recurrent major depression across different levels of genetic and environmental risk.  J Affect Disord 227:313-322

Salvatore JE; Savage JE; Barr P; Wolen AR; Aliev F; Vuoksimaa E; Latvala A; Pulkkinen L; Rose RJ; Kaprio J; Dick DM, 2018. Incorporating Functional Genomic Information to Enhance Polygenic Signal and Identify Variants Involved in Gene-by-Environment Interaction for Young Adult Alcohol Problems.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res 42(2):413-423

Kovilakath A; Mohamad S; Hermes F; Wang SZ; Ginder GD; Lloyd JA, 2018. In Vitro Erythroid Differentiation and Lentiviral Knockdown in Human CD34+ Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood.  Methods Mol Biol 1698:259-274

Moscati A; Verhulst B; McKee K; Silberg J; Eaves L, 2018. Cross-Lagged Analysis of Interplay Between Differential Traits in Sibling Pairs: Validation and Application to Parenting Behavior and ADHD Symptomatology.  Behav Genet 48(1):22-33

Sheerin CM; Lind MJ; Brown EA; Gardner CO; Kendler KS; Amstadter AB, 2018. The impact of resilience and subsequent stressful life events on MDD and GAD.  Depress Anxiety 35(2):140-147

Kendler KS; Ohlsson H; Sundquist K; Sundquist J, 2018. Sources of Parent-Offspring Resemblance for Major Depression in a National Swedish Extended Adoption Study.  JAMA Psychiatry 75(2):194-200

Kendler KS; Aggen SH; Flint J; Borsboom D; Fried EI, 2018. The centrality of DSM and non-DSM depressive symptoms in Han Chinese women with major depression.  J Affect Disord 227:739-744

Lloyd JA, 2018. An Introduction to Erythropoiesis Approaches.  Methods Mol Biol 1698:1-10

Torvik FA; Ystrom E; Gustavson K; Rosenström TH; Bramness JG; Gillespie N; Aggen SH; Kendler KS; Reichborn-Kjennerud T, 2018. Diagnostic and genetic overlap of three common mental disorders in structured interviews and health registries.  Acta Psychiatr Scand 137(1):54-64

Savage JE; Rose RJ; Pulkkinen L; Silventoinen K; Korhonen T; Kaprio J; Gillespie N; Dick DM, 2018. Early maturation and substance use across adolescence and young adulthood: A longitudinal study of Finnish twins.  Dev Psychopathol 30(1):79-92

Bornovalova MA; Verhulst B; Webber T; McGue M; Iacono WG; Hicks BM, 2018. Genetic and environmental influences on the codevelopment among borderline personality disorder traits, major depression symptoms, and substance use disorder symptoms from adolescence to young adulthood.  Dev Psychopathol 30(1):49-65

Duncan LE; Ratanatharathorn A; Aiello AE; Almli LM; Amstadter AB; Ashley-Koch AE; Baker DG; Beckham JC; Bierut LJ; Bisson J; Bradley B; Chen CY; Dalvie S; Farrer LA; Galea S; Garrett ME; Gelernter JE; Guffanti G; Hauser MA; Johnson EO; Kessler RC; Kimbrel NA; King A; Koen N; Kranzler HR; Logue MW; Maihofer AX; Martin AR; Miller MW; Morey RA; Nugent NR; Rice JP; Ripke S; Roberts AL; Saccone NL; Smoller JW; Stein DJ; Stein MB; Sumner JA; Uddin M; Ursano RJ; Wildman DE; Yehuda R; Zhao H; Daly MJ; Liberzon I; Ressler KJ; Nievergelt CM; Koenen KC, 2018. Largest GWAS of PTSD (N=20 070) yields genetic overlap with schizophrenia and sex differences in heritability.  Mol Psychiatry 23(3):666-673

Lind MJ; Brown RC; Sheerin CM; York TP; Myers JM; Kendler KS; Amstadter AB, 2018. Does Parenting Influence the Enduring Impact of Severe Childhood Sexual Abuse on Psychiatric Resilience in Adulthood?  Child Psychiatry Hum Dev 49(1):33-41

Kendler KS; Ohlsson H; Sundquist J; Sundquist K, 2018. Transmission of alcohol use disorder across three generations: a Swedish National Study.  Psychol Med 48(1):33-42

Rosenström T; Torvik FA; Ystrom E; Czajkowski NO; Gillespie NA; Aggen SH; Krueger RF; Kendler KS; Reichborn-Kjennerud T, 2018. Prediction of alcohol use disorder using personality disorder traits: a twin study.  Addiction 113(1):15-24

Wolf EJ; Miller MW; Sullivan DR; Amstadter AB; Mitchell KS; Goldberg J; Magruder KM, 2018. A classical twin study of PTSD symptoms and resilience: Evidence for a single spectrum of vulnerability to traumatic stress.  Depress Anxiety 35(2):132-139

Salvatore JE; Han S; Farris SP; Mignogna KM; Miles MF; Agrawal A, 2018. Beyond genome-wide significance: integrative approaches to the interpretation and extension of GWAS findings for alcohol use disorder.  Addict Biol.

Sheerin CM; Konig A; Eonta AM; Vrana SR, 2018. Effect of expressive and neutral writing on respiratory sinus arrhythmia response over time.  J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry 59:129-133

Hawn SE; Lind MJ; Conley A; Overstreet CM; Kendler KS; Dick DM; Amstadter AB, 2018. Effects of social support on the association between pre-college sexual assault and college-onset victimization.  J Am Coll Health.

Savage JE; Salvatore JE; Aliev F; Edwards AC; Hickman M; Kendler KS; Macleod J; Latvala A; Loukola A; Kaprio J; Rose RJ; Chan G; Hesselbrock V; Webb BT; Adkins A; Bigdeli TB; Riley BP; Dick DM, 2018. Polygenic Risk Score Prediction of Alcohol Dependence Symptoms Across Population-Based and Clinically Ascertained Samples.  Alcohol Clin Exp Res.

Kendler KS; Lönn SL; Salvatore J; Sundquist J; Sundquist K, 2018. The Origin of Spousal Resemblance for Alcohol Use Disorder.  JAMA Psychiatry.

Hatton SN; Panizzon MS; Vuoksimaa E; Hagler DJ; Fennema-Notestine C; Rinker D; Eyler LT; Franz CE; Lyons MJ; Neale MC; Tsuang MT; Dale AM; Kremen WS, 2018. Genetic relatedness of axial and radial diffusivity indices of cerebral white matter microstructure in late middle age.  Hum Brain Mapp.

Holman MA; Quillin J; York TP; Testa CM; Rosen AR; Norris VW, 2018. The Changing Age of Individuals Seeking Presymptomatic Genetic Testing for Huntington Disease.  J Genet Couns.

Warrington NM; Freathy RM; Neale MC; Evans DM, 2018. Using structural equation modelling to jointly estimate maternal and fetal effects on birthweight in the UK Biobank.  Int J Epidemiol.

Pritikin JN; Brick TR; Neale MC, 2018. Multivariate normal maximum likelihood with both ordinal and continuous variables, and data missing at random.  Behav Res Methods.

Gillespie NA; Aggen SH; Gentry AE; Neale MC; Knudsen GP; Krueger RF; South SC; Czajkowski N; Nesvåg R; Ystrom E; Rosenström TH; Torvik FA; Reichborn-Kjennerud T; Kendler KS, 2018. Testing Genetic and Environmental Associations Between Personality Disorders and Cocaine Use: A Population-Based Twin Study.  Twin Res Hum Genet 21(1):24-32

Warthan MD; Washington SL; Franzese SE; Ramus RM; Kim KR; York TP; Stratikos E; Strauss JF 3rd; Lee ED, 2018. The role of Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase 2 (ERAP2) in modulating immune detection of choriocarcinoma.  Biol Reprod.

Smoller JW; Andreassen OA; Edenberg HJ; Faraone SV; Glatt SJ; Kendler KS, 2018. Psychiatric genetics and the structure of psychopathology.  Mol Psychiatry.

Karriker-Jaffe KJ; Lönn SL; Cook WK; Kendler KS; Sundquist K, 2018. Chains of risk for alcohol use disorder: Mediators of exposure to neighborhood deprivation in early and middle childhood.  Health Place 50:16-26

Sosnowski DW; Booth C; York TP; Amstadter AB; Kliewer W, 2018. Maternal prenatal stress and infant DNA methylation: A systematic review.  Dev Psychobiol 60(2):127-139

Cecilione JL; Rappaport LM; Hahn SE; Anderson AE; Hazlett LE; Burchett JR; Moore AA; Savage JE; Hettema JM; Roberson-Nay R, 2018. Genetic and Environmental Contributions of Negative Valence Systems to Internalizing Pathways.  Twin Res Hum Genet 21(1):12-23

Salvatore JE; Larsson Lönn S; Sundquist J; Sundquist K; Kendler KS, 2018. Genetics, the Rearing Environment, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Divorce: A Swedish National Adoption Study.  Psychol Sci.

Aliev F; Salvatore JE; Agrawal A; Almasy L; Chan G; Edenberg HJ; Hesselbrock V; Kuperman S; Meyers J; Dick DM, 2018. A Brief Critique of the TATES Procedure.  Behav Genet.

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