Topics for 2013 Spring Session | Syllabi Statements

Website: OpenMx
Text: Methodology for Genetic Studies of Twins and Families by Neale & Cardon, 1992 revision.

Date Lecture Topic Lecturer Notes and Examples
Jan 17 OpenMx Intro OpenMx Scripting Univariate Statistics Script
Bivariate Statistics Script
Jan 28 Summarizing Data, Testing Model Assumptions Summarizing Data Univariate Twin Saturated Continuous
Jan 30 First Twin Model, Fitting Univariate Models First Twin Model Univariate Twin ADE Continuous
Feb 04 Threshold Model, Fitting Categorical Models Threshold Models Binary WarmUp
Univariate Twin Saturated Binary
Univariate Twin ACE Binary
Feb 13 Likelihood Likelihood PDF Likelihood
Bivariate Normal
Feb 13 Fitting Categorical/Ordinal Models Working with Categorical Data Univariate Twin Saturated Ordinal
Univariate Twin ACE Ordinal
Feb 18 & 20 Heterogeneity Models Gene x Sex Interaction Models Univariate Twin Heterogeneity Continuous
Univariate Twin Heterogeneity Continuous +DZO
Feb 25 & 27 Genotype x Environment Interaction Models Gene x Environment Interaction Models
Purcell 2002
Medland 2008
van der Sluis 2012
Univariate Twin Moderation Continuous
Mar 25 & 27 Bivariate Models Bivariate Genetic Analysis Bivariate Twin Saturated & ACE Continuous
Apr 01 & 03 Multivariate Models Multivariate Genetic Analysis Multivariate Twin Saturated & ACE Continuous
Apr 08 & 10 Developmental Models Developmental Genetic Analysis Developmental Twin ACE Continuous
Apr 15 & 17 Extended Pedigree Models Extended Pedigree Analysis Twin Parent ACE
Apr 22 & 24 Linkage & Association Linkage & Association Linkage Association FEQ in Mx
Linkage FEQ in Mx
Linkage FEQ in R
Linkage AEQG in R
Apr 22 & 24 Twins + Measured Genotypes Measured Genotypes Twin Association Model
Helper Functions Gen Epi Helper Functions