Topics for 2014 Fall Session | Syllabi Statements

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Text: Methodology for Genetic Studies of Twins and Families by Neale & Cardon, 1992 revision.

Date Lecture Topic Lecturer Notes and Examples
Aug 26 Intro Genetic Epidemiology Biometrical Genetics Path Analysis Matrix Algebra Introduction of the Documentation Matrix Algebra Script Algebra Exercise New Beginners Guide Script Alternative Approaches Script
Sep 02 Summarizing Data, Testing Model Assumptions Summarizing Data Univariate Twin Saturated Continuous Univariate Binary Warm Up Univariate Twin Saturated Binary Univariate Twin Saturated Ordinal Univariate Twin Saturated Ordinal Alternative
Sep 09 First Twin Model, Testing Univariate Models Univariate Models Univariate Twin ADE Continuous Univariate Twin ACE Binary Univariate Twin ACE Ordinal
Sep 16 Power and Simulation Power & Simulation Normal Distribution Simulation Test C Simulation Run C Simulation Power Approximation Mean Estimates Simulation
Sep 23 Heterogeneity Models Gene x Sex Interaction Models Univariate Twin Heterogeneity Continuous ADE Univariate Twin Heterogeneity Continuous ACE Univariate Twin Heterogeneity Continuous +DZO ACE_Rg Univariate Twin Heterogeneity Continuous +DZO ACE_Rg Alternative Univariate Twin Heterogeneity Continuous +DZO ACE_Rc
Sep 30 Genotype x Environment Interaction Models Gene x Environment Interaction Models Alternative Path Diagrams Purcell 2002 Medland 2008 van der Sluis 2012 Univariate Twin Moderation Continuous Simulation SNPs Simulation Variance Components
Oct 07 Extended Pedigree Models ExtendedTwinDesign ExtendedTwinDesign ppt Twin ACE Twin ACE equal thresholds Twin Parent ACE Twin Parent ACE SH Twin Parent ACE PA chatt4tp.ord
Oct 21 Bivariate Models Bivariate Genetic Analysis Bivariate Twin Saturated & ACE Continuous
Oct 28 Multivariate Models Multivariate Genetic Analysis PDF Multivariate Genetic Analysis PPTX Multivariate Twin Saturated & ACE Continuous usski.rec
Nov 04 Conditional Models Conditional Genetic Analysis Bivariate CCC Twin ACE Ordinal Trivariate CCC Twin ACE Ordinal Sibling Interaction Twin ACE Ordinal selVATSird.dat
Nov 10 Developmental Models Developmental Genetic Analysis Developmental Twin ACE Continuous Developmental Twin ACE Ordinal jepq.txt
Nov 25 Linkage & Association Linkage & Association Linkage AQE Linkage & Association AEQG lipidsIBD.dat
Dec 02 Twins + Measured Genotypes Measured Genotypes Twin Association Model selVATS.dat
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