Course Materials: HGEN 619 [Fall 2010]

Topics for 2010 Fall Session

Website: OpenMx
Text: Methodology for Genetic Studies of Twins and Families by Neale & Cardon, 1992 revision PDF of Neale & Maes book.

Date Lecture Topic Lecturer Notes and Examples
Sep 29 Introduction to OpenMx Theory-Model-Data
OpenMx Introduction
OpenMx Reference
MatrixAlgebraExercises Assignment
OpenMx Reference Key
R for OpenMx Reference Key
First OpenMx Script
Matrix Algebra Exercises Script
Oct 01 Testing Model Assumptions, Likelihood OpenMx Scripting
OpenMx Model Assumptions
Univariate Statistics Script
Bivariate Statistics Script
Univariate Twin Saturated -Matrix Raw Continuous
Univariate Twin Saturated -Matrix Raw Binary
Univariate Twin Saturated -Matrix Raw Ordinal
Oct 06 Univariate ACE Model
(continuous & categorical data)
Twin Analysis
Watch Video
Univariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous -Fill
Univariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Univariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Binary
Univariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Ordinal
Oct 08 Heterogeneity Testing (sex, age, environment) Twin Analysis 102
Watch Video
Heterogeneity Twin Quant Diff [same sex] -Matrix Raw Continuous
Heterogeneity Twin Quant/Qual Diff [SS+OS] -Matrix Raw Continuous
Heterogeneity Twin Quant Diff [same sex] -Matrix Raw Binary
Heterogeneity Twin Quant/Qual Diff [SS+OS] -Matrix Raw Binary
Oct 13 Modeling Means and Covariances Twin Analysis 103 Moderated Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Oct 15 Multivariate Genetic Analysis Twin Analysis 104 Bivariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Multivariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Nov 05 SEM with Measured Genes SEM with Measured Genes UnivTwinACEGRawOrdEx.R
Nov 17 Power Power norm_dist_sim.R
Helper Functions Genetic Epidemiology Helper Functions Gen Epi Helper Functions