Course ID Course Name Instructor Semester Time | Day
EPID 646 Epidemiology of Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders Briana Mezuk Fall 9:00-11:50 | W

This course is intended to introduce the descriptive and analytic epidemiology for major mental disorders of childhood, adulthood and late adult life. The course will address three main topics: (1) conceptual and methodological considerations in psychiatric epidemiologic research; (2) the descriptive epidemiology of major psychiatric and substance use disorders; and (3) the analytic epidemiology of major psychiatric and substance use disorders. The course will also examine issues of classification and the nosology of psychiatric disorders as well as operational case definitions and the measurement techniques for field surveys and risk-factor research. Students will become familiar with epidemiologic surveys appropriate for risk factor research for psychiatric and substance use disorders. Prerequisite for master’s students: EPID 571 with a minimum grade of B; prerequisite for doctoral students: EPID 650 with a minimum grade of B; or permission of instructor.

Terms: Fall | Credits: 3 | Grading: A-F

Schedule for EPID 646

January thru May || Wed 9:00 AM – 11:50 AM

Course Instructor

Briana Mezuk, Ph.D.

Briana Mezuk, Ph.D.

Briana Mezuk
Associate Professor
My research focuses on psychiatric epidemiology, depressive and anxiety disorders, type 2 diabetes, frailty, gerontology, stress and health over the life course, social disparities in health, suicide.