Alexis C. Edwards, Ph.D.


North Carolina State University, 2008, PhD
University of South Carolina, 1999, BS

Research Interests

Alcohol Use Disorders
Internalizing Disorders
Genetic Influences on Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders

Research Description

My research is focused largely on genetic and environmental influences on internalizing disorders and substance use (including alcohol and nicotine). I am interested in these phenotypes independently of one another, but also in shared genetic and/or environmental liabilities across phenotypes and potential causal influences of one on the other. Other general interests include changes in genetic/environmental influences across development (e.g., from adolescent into adulthood) and moderation of genetic effects by environmental factors. I use a variety of statistical genetic methods in my research, including GWAS, bioinformatic approaches, and twin modeling.


Best Faculty Mentor Award, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, June 2015
Blick Scholar, 2019-2023

Selected Publications

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