B.S. Special Education University of Hartford M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy George Mason University
Ph.D. Philosophy/Special Education & Disability Policy Virginia Commonwealth University
Current Postdoctoral Trainee, Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of People with Down Syndrome-NICHD grant VIPBG, VCU PI Dr. Ruth Brown.

Research Interests

Improving mental health equity by researching with persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and mental health needs.

Research Description

Examining whether the severity of COVID-related stress exposure is associated with cognitive, behavioral, and mental health outcomes (e.g., adaptive behavior, anxiety, cognitive decline, depression) in people with Down syndrome through deep phenotyping and buccal DNA sample collection.


2021 Postdoctoral Association Fall Travel Award, VCU

Selected Publications

Dinora, P., Prohn, S., Dellinger-Wray, M., Cramer, E. P., Mayton, C., & D’Aguilar, A. (in press) “Testing the Efficacy of Leadership for Empowerment and Abuse Prevention (LEAP), a Healthy Relationship Training Intervention for People with Intellectual Disability.” Developmental Disabilities Network Journal

Mayton, C., Dellinger-Wray, M., Cramer, E. P., Dinora, P., & D’Aguilar, A. (in press) “You Can Change Your Mind About Who You Trust”: People with Intellectual Disability’s Understanding About Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships. DADD Online Journal.

Dinora, P., Schoeneman, A., Cramer, E., Brandt, J., & Dellinger-Wray, M., D’Aguilar, A. (2019).Using video vignettes in research and program evaluation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A case study of the Leadership Empowerment and Abuse Prevention Project. Evaluation and Program Planning.