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  • B.A. Mathematics, Bryan College
  • Ph.D. Biostatistics, genomics concentration, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Post-doc VIPBG (Advisors: B. Todd Webb, Roseann Peterson, Brien Riley, and Silviu Bacanu)

Research Interests

  • Development of statistical methods for machine learning in biobanks and genetically informative datasets
  • Mixed modeling for clustered and repeated measures analyses
  • Genetic and environmental contributors of psychiatric disorders, particularly major depressive disorder and alcohol abuse

Research Description

My research focuses on modifying and applying machine learning paradigms to mental health measures in biobank datasets to predict missing outcomes in order to maximize power for genetic association analyses. The most recent application of this work has been in self-reported measures of alcohol use and problems and depression in the UK Biobank with the aim of improving the power and usefulness of such measures for studying the genetic influences on MDD and AD/AUD.


  • Lindon J. Eaves Award for Excellence in Post-Doctoral Research, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, VCU, 2019-2020
  • Early Career Investigator Program Award and Travel Award, World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, 9/2019
  • Post-doctoral fellowship, T32MH020030, Research Training: Psychiatric and Statistical Genetics (P.I., Dr. Michael C. Neale), 8/2018-Present

Selected Publications

Gentry AE, Kirkpatrick RM, Peterson RE, Webb BT. Missingness Adapted Group Informed Clustered (MAGIC)-LASSO: A novel paradigm for prediction in data with widespread non-random missingness. Submitted for publication to Bioinformatics, June 2021. Preprint published to bioRxiv:

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