VIPBG Faculty Receive Funding to Study AUD and PTSD Through NIAAA R01 Grant

Drs. Ananda Amstadter (VCU) and Abigail Lott (Emory) were recently funded to study models of comorbidity between alcohol use disorder (AUD) and post traumatic stress disorder (GTP) through a new NIAAA R01 (AA030549). They are joined by Co-Is from VCU (Drs. Sheerin and Bacanu), Emory (Drs. Micholopous, Ressler), SUNY (Dr. Peterson), and University of Windsor (Dr. Rappaport). AUD and PTSD commonly co-occur.

Directional models of comorbidity exist, self-medication and susceptibility, although there are major gaps in testing these models (e.g., few studies have tested the direction of effect, lack of specificity in assessment). The current multi-method study will fill these gaps by conducting an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) study using a genetically-informed longitudinal measurement burst design. Participants recruited through the Grady Trauma Project (GTP), which consists of high-risk inner-city residents. The study aims to examine the functional relationships between PTSD and AUD, the stability of these functional relationships and how social determinates of health my moderate symptom relationships, and how genetic risk contributes to the stability, or instability of these relationships over time.

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